Help Us Design the App!

Hello from Key Conservation!

We hope you had a wonderful Earth Day and were able to enjoy some time in the great outdoors. We had our first real fundraising events last weekend since our launch party in August. Soho Fashion Exchange had their first Earth Day event and chose to feature the work we are doing at Key Conservation. We also hosted our own Earth Day event at Culture Brewing Co, here in San Diego, where we played movies from the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

A portion of the sales from each event will be going to Key Conservation which will go towards our app development efforts!

Key Conservation App Development Updates

We have some exciting app development updates to share! The development team has completed the background architecture of the app which means they have gone through over 140 artboards and made sure that the flow works seamlessly and that each button and link goes to the right destination. (Artboards are the individual slides of app that we designed in Sketch. Each slide shows how the app looks and flows. For every button that you press there needs to be an artboard slide showing where that will take you and what it does.)

Last week our development team brought a great idea to the table - instead of building a native app for both iOS and Android we could use a relatively new program called React Native. React Native allows us to develop the Key Conservation app for both iOS and Android at the same time. This is especially beneficial for us because we could then release both of the apps at the same time as well as any updates or bugs we may have. This is the same program some of the world's most popular apps use such as Instagram, Airbnb and Facebook, just to name a few. Because we have decided to use this new program our app designers will now be changing the design from just an iOS format to something that will look great on both an iOS and Android device. This process should take about 4 weeks and it's during this time that we get to decide fun things like colors, fonts and the buttons that will be in the final app and we want your help! Learn how you can help us design the app further down in the updates. In the meantime, click here to learn more about React Native!

Key Conservation's Director featured in San Diego’s Most Inspiring Stories!

We are excited to share that our Director Megan Cromp has been featured in SD Voyager as one of San Diego’s Most Inspiring Stories! In the interview Megan talks about the background of starting Key Conservation, the ups and downs she’s faced along the way and the people and organizations who are helping to make Key Conservation happen. Check out the article here!

Help design the Key Conservation app!

Your input is needed! We are choosing backgrounds for the first few slides of the Key Conservation app and we’d like your opinion! We want to use patterns throughout nature and would like to feature endangered or critically endangered species and can be plants or animals. We are looking for really unique textures but also ones that will be good behind a white logo or text. You don’t have to have a picture just tell us the species you think would be a good choice. Here are some examples above to give you an idea of what we are thinking about! Contact us here to send in your suggestions!


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