Pilot Projects and App Designs!

Design, review, tweak...

The past few weeks have had us very busy with reviewing and making changes to the redesign of the Key Conservation app. If you remember, we have been transitioning the original design of the app from just iOS based to the new program we are using called React Native. This means that every single artboard we created (over 150 of them!) had to be redesigned to be able to be used on both iOS and Androids devices. An artboard is the design of every screen of the app so we know exactly what a screen will look like when every single button is clicked. This allows the developers know exactly what we want created! As you can imagine the review process has been tedious because every single detail is being analyzed and worked on to (hopefully) create an amazing user experience for both Conservation Organizations and Global Supporters! We may be biased but we think the design is looking really great and we can't wait to share the final look with you soon!

Preparing for Field Testing

Alongside the development of the app we are preparing for the eventual testing of the app in the field. We are bringing Conservation Organizations onboard who want to be leaders in conservation tech adoption, who want to use the app to further their mission and be a major part of creating the best version of the Key Conservation app for all conservationists around the world with their exclusive feedback. Each Conservation Organization applies to become Key Conservation Pilot Project and goes through an approval process to become our partners in testing the app in the field. We are excited to say that we have just sent out our first approval emails to a select few Conservation Organizations a few days ago! We are look forward to showcasing these organizations and the incredible work they are doing in the coming months. We are continuing to bring new Conservation Organizations onboard to become Pilot Projects so please spread the word and share our page here if you know an organization who would like to be involved!

Want to get involved? Sign-up to be a Beta Tester and help us test the app alongside our Pilot Projects! Want to use your skills to help? Sign-up to become a member of our Skilled Impact Network and use your skills for good!

Thank you for your continued support as we build the Key Conservation app and community. There are a lot of exciting developments ahead and I can't wait to keep you updated as things progress!

Here's to the future, Megan Director Key Conservation


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