Our Director Megan Cromp has been selected as the next ICCS Biodiversity Fellow at the University of

Congratulations to our director Megan Cromp on being selected as the next ICCS Biodiversity Fellow at the University of Oxford! Read part of her interview with ICCS below to learn how she hopes to utilize this fellowship to gain knowledge and tools for the next steps in the development of Key Conservation.

What made you want to join ICCS as a Biodiversity fellow?

I wanted to join the ICCS Biodiversity Fellows Programme because the work that I am doing with my conservation tech organization Key Conservation, if successful, will have a global reach that will change how conservation organizations gain global support, funding and how they interact with their supporters. Being able to tap into the joint knowledge of the researchers at ICCS will be absolutely imperative in ensuring that we are asking the right questions and that strong foundations are put in place now to collect the critical data needed to measure the success and failures of the tools within the app for conservation organizations.

Is there a specific project you will be working on while you are with ICCS? Can you tell us a little about it?

During my time with ICCS I will be working with researchers to enhance the development of the Key Conservation mobile app which aims to help conservationists gain global support and funding in real-time for day-to-day campaigns. The Key Conservation app has several features and ways for conservation organizations and supporters to interact that the app itself will become a powerhouse for data collection that we could tap into help conservationists and move global support forward. We can then use the data to help conservationists build specific campaigns based on proven research to utilize their time and efforts more effectively. I am working to launch the app in spring of this year and will focus on creating measurable points of both outreach success and failure to determine the most effective means of outreach from before and after the app launches. I will also be working closely with the Conservation Optimism team to set up the website-app integration and complete testing of our two platforms.

Learn more about the work she will be doing and ICCS here: https://www.iccs.org.uk/person/megan-cromp


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