A new partner and app updates!

Patterns in Nature © Megan Cromp Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Teams make the dream work

This week our development team has been creating new features that will help make the app more interactive, we have an exciting new partnership to announce and our core team is expanding.

Dive into our latest updates!

New Key App Features!

Our team at Lambda is in action all across the country! This new team, like our last one, is focusing on a few specific projects over the next eight weeks. Developing an app is a lot like building a house, our last team set the foundation and now we are starting to build the frame. A few weeks ago we had the fun job of sitting down with the team and deciding what features needed to be created next. We consulted with our Pilot Projects and the main feature they wanted to see built next was the ability to upload videos when they are creating campaign posts. This was a big goal of ours as well so it was a no brainer to add this to our next up development list. We also wanted to start building the community within the app so our team focused on adding comments to posts, which they just completed this week! Check out a preview below. (The styling of this section will be updated in the next 2 weeks but getting the functionality of the comments section completed was the first big step.)

In the next update you will be able to comment on campaigns and watch videos! We hope that the comment section will serve as a way for global supporters to voice their support as well as offer their skills (until the skills section is coded and complete). In addition to our team making it possible for people to comment, we are designing style guides on how to post for our conservation organizations. We want the Key App to be useful and fun for everyone so we have been learning the best ways to communicate science and tell interesting stories about conservation.

While we love real bugs, the ones in our code are considered invasive, so the team is fixing bugs as they pop up and as our Pilot Projects are letting us know if anything is oof. So far everything is working great! We also are working with our UX designers to make campaign posts and user profiles more true to our original vision and easier to use. There’s a lot going happening in the back-end of the Key app; we will keep sharing with you as we get closer to our goal of helping people and ecosystems with conservation solutions around the world!

Our Newest Partner

As the development of the Key Conservation app progresses we are working hard to ensure that we are reaching out and onboarding conservation organizations that are in need of the tools we are building within the app. That is why we are particularly excited to announce our official partnership with the IUCN SSC Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP).

The IUCN SSC Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) is a coalition working together to halt the extinction of ASAP species – Critically Endangered land and freshwater vertebrates in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia is globally important for biodiversity, but has high levels of threatened species. The region has among the world’s fastest recent rates of habitat loss and has seen an explosion in over-exploitation of wildlife. These are major drivers of species population declines and local extinctions in the region.

Averting species extinctions is now widely recognised as an important component to maintaining effective ecosystem function and human well-being. The need for focused and determined action to avoid species extinctions in Southeast Asia has never been more urgent than it is now.

This is where the Key Conservation app is working to help.

Our director spoke with ASAP about how we hope to help conservation organizations within ASAP receive more funding and support through the Key Conservation app.

Check out the interview here: https://www.speciesonthebrink.org/news/interview-with-megan-cromp-founder-and-director-of-key-conservation/

Our Team Is Growing

What's that saying? You should never be the smartest person in the room? Yeah, that's the one. As we begin to scale the app and our partners we also need a team behind us to help make it all go smoothly. We are lucky to have three new members joining the Key Conservation team who have already been dazzling us with their insights, ideas, and enthusiasm! Check them out!


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