We have video!

Photo of Jamie Goodnight (one of our developers) holding the Key App © Fiona Battersby

It's a wrap! Last week our second Lambda School team completed their 8 weeks with us and they sure do have a lot to show for it. Let's dive in to see what they have accomplished!

We've Got Video!

Our team was hard at work creating features that would start to turn the app into more of a community. Features like adding comments to posts or our personal favorite milestone was the addition of video to the Key app! This was a really tough feature to crack but our team stuck with it! At first they were having trouble getting the videos to autoplay as you scrolled through the live feed but they figured it out and it looks amazing! Now organizations can post videos up to one minute long to share what is really going on in the field right now. We took a screen recording of what the videos look like. One of the coolest things about the video feature is that you can pause videos, make them full screen and start them all over where you want. Let us know what you think! As we've said many time before, the app is still in development so the final look will be different but it's great to get these foundations getting established within the app! The team also added some cool features like the ability to add urgency levels to posts and the ability to save posts for later but they also accomplished crushing several bugs that we creating a feedback loop on log-in. A big win for the development team and Key!

Every team that helps us from Lambda School helps us get closer and closer to our goal of creating a global ecosystem of conservationists and supporters. Even the little things like making supporter icons clickable on the live feed add to our community. Each of these little features have to be created and designed and it's amazing to watch it unfold with the team. Now that we have video and commenting features we are really starting to see the community together and it is so exciting.

Our new Lambda School development team and Phase 3 starts next week and we will be working on creating a streamlined log-in and sign-up process, making the profiles look super sleek (like our original designs), creating features that allow supporters to connect with conservation organizations and more. Once we get more established with our next phase of development we will have updates!

Thank you to our development team!

Thank you to our amazing team! (A few people are missing in the photo) We had a great time working with you and we know you are going to go on and accomplish great things. We can't wait to will see you on the app! 😃


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