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Conservation Tech Organization Asking for Final Push of Support to Assist Conservationists Around the World

The Trailblazing Mobile Application is the Key to Empowering Hope About Wildlife Conservation


SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Oct. 13, 2020 — Nonprofit organization, Key Conservation, today launched a crowdfunding campaign to complete the final phase of development for their mobile application. The app is the first of its kind to bring together the general public and conservation organizations. Created by wildlife biologists who found themselves unable to receive real-time support, the app aims to bridge the gap between conservationists working in the field and skilled professionals who want to offer their support. 


The organization goes by the name “Key” because they hope to unlock new conservation opportunities and solutions. The Key app will allow users to connect with organizations in their backyards or across the world to help species and habitats that are at risk. Unlike traditional models of conservation, where supporters simply donate and never hear back, the Key app requires organizations to send feedback on how a user’s support helped. Every campaign includes actionable steps that supporters can take to help solve the problem the organization is facing. Key Conservation already has over 70 organizations from around the world approved to be on the application once it is released. 


Users (supporters) can offer support in three ways:

  • Itemized in-app donations: Organizations create campaigns in order of urgency and request support from users, including donations. 

  • Skilled support: Users can offer skills ranging from graphic design to drone operation to auto mechanics.

  • In-person help: Users can choose to receive notifications about urgent in-person needs within their communities, like a patrol vehicle getting stuck in the mud. Or even learn about events near them, like a turtle hatchling release. 


The app is currently 70% complete, up to this point development has been primarily pro-bono through developers who believe in the organization’s mission. Key Conservation is using the crowdfunding platform, Classy, to run their campaign. The campaign has a goal of $75,000, which will empower Key Conservation to complete the development and release the application. Donors can expect rewards of stickers, bandanas, t-shirts, and limited edition prints from accomplished artists. 


As the world is dealing with COVID-19, the Key app has the ability to keep people involved in conservation from the safety of their own homes. Many organizations are experiencing hardships due to the lack of income from tourism, Key hopes to release the app as soon as possible to relieve the drop in support organizations are experiencing this year. Future versions of the app plan to include scientific researchers and corporations for an even more holistic approach to creating conservation solutions. The goal of the Key Conservation app is to foster a global community surrounding wildlife conservation that goes beyond occupation, location, or physical ability. 


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About Key Conservation

Key Conservation is a San Diego based conservation-technology non-profit organization. Focused on bridging the gap between conservation and the public, Key Conservation works to create innovative solutions to complex ecological problems through the collaboration of different fields. For more information visit, 



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